(Thulir’s Adaptive Learning Environment)

Makes education more meaningful and personal to every child.

TALE provides learners the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, skill, exposure, mentoring, practice, assessment and feedback, through its intelligent and robust engine that automatically adjusts its delivery speed and level to the learning ability and pattern of the student. This action plan is done according to the profile of the student as mapped by TALE’s diagnostics. TALE incorporates many proven theories like Multiple intelligence, Bloom’s taxonomy, Behavioral science, 21st century skills, etc., to differentiate learners and create a unique mind map for every learner.

TALE has a scientific diagnostic system and an adaptive engine that understands the learners ability, interests, pace, strengths, weaknesses, prior knowledge, learning pattern, requirements, etc., via data and statistics and delivers courses fittingly at a fraction of the cost compared to if the same were to be delivered manually by a proficient, dedicated and patient teacher on a one to one basis.


Understanding is the Key – Understanding the students is the first step.

The need of the hour in education is a much better understanding of students and their learning from a motivational and psychological perspective. TALE, acts a powerful tool to have an insight into every child on where they stand, what they lack and how they can be guided and supported.


Teach to the student, not to the class.

An adaptable study path is created for every student, with a series of progressive assessments. During the study path, if the child confronts a hurdle, help is provided through training videos, mentoring and tools for practice. The study path is flexible enough to skip, repeat and backtrack courses depending on the comfort level of the student.


Data is the key.

Right from the time the child first accesses the course, all relevant data that includes performance, progress, time taken, struggle pattern, strengths and weaknesses, are monitored and archived for tracking, planning and future reference. These records are readily available at any point of time for the teacher, parent and school management in the form of reports. Over a period of time, the school will have enough data to mine, research and decide on the way forward, especially on the lines of curriculum planning, teacher interventions, etc.


Empowered Teachers means Empowered students.

Teaching cannot be or become a ritual that is performed without the application of human mind. Until recently, teachers did not have access to resources and tools that help them comprehend the understanding of every child. With TALE, teachers will have access to authentic data about the strengths, weakness, struggle pattern, area of focus, behavioral aspects and further such of every child. In TALE, we create a model, get feedbacks and implications, enhance the model and then repeat the cycle.