English on TALE

TALE English is the culmination of years of research and development in designing a course for a non-native of English language to comprehend English in its basic elements and imbibe it with all its subtle hues and variations. It has the potential of making a non-native child of English an ace English communicator.

TALE English is a Structured Personalized Online English learning course for students in the age group of 4 to 14. It aims to expand the language proficiency of learners as a whole in all the four skills, viz., reading, writing, listening and speaking, by using a combination of pedagogies created by a team of subject-matter experts. The above four skills are not just shallow pillars but ones with great depth since it is upon these four pillars the edifice of English of the aspirant is going to stand.



Right from the time the child first accesses the course, all relevant data, that includes performance, progress, time taken, struggle pattern, strengths and weaknesses, are monitored and archived for tracking, planning and future reference. These records are readily available at any point of time for the teacher, parent and school management, in the form of reports. Over a period of time, the school will have enough data to mine, research and decide on the way forward, especially on the lines of curriculum planning, teacher interventions etc.

Simple and Child friendly


The activities of the course are simple game like yet very effective. These games are developed keeping in mind the child’s motor skills, attention span and learning ability. The child-friendly characters and reward points system provide immediate feedback and motivation thereby making learning more engaging and exciting.

Data & Reports


Every action of the student is monitored and motivation is given when required. A detailed report on the student’s standing, progress, completion status, time taken, struggle pattern, goal etc., is available at any time for the teacher, school management and the parent. All activities taken up by the students would be archived for future reference, which enables teacher/parents to go back and track student performances.



Though we promote technology, we strongly believe in the impact of “human touch”. Wherever human intervention is required, we’ve ensured it is available for the student. An evaluator would be assigned for a group of students, who would work individually on every creative content written or spoken by the student and provide constructive feedback, guidance and direction.

Thulir’s Handholding


Thulir’s representatives will work continuously with your school and your teachers, to ensure the desired results are achieved. Periodical visits, consultation with management, student assessments, teacher trainings, parent orientations, workshops and action plans are some of the ways through which we work with the schools to reach the goal of better student performance.

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